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Let’s Get Started.


I’ve been meaning to get a more focused place for thoughts going for a long long time.  Now.  The time has come.

Why?   Because I don’t feel like I otherwise have much of a voice.   Because we’re moving towards crisis.  Because complacency is something to avoid in pretty much everything.  Have you too been complacent?

Not because I dislike the election results from yesterday, but more because I don’t like the way the election was conducted in the first place.  Every US citizen deserves representation.  And in North Carolina, our representation is compromised by the gerrymandering  of our districts, denying the majority the ability to have a majority representation.   That is a violation of the very core of what it means to be a democracy.  What are we if we don’t allow our many and split and divided and sometimes angry voices to have representation in our government?

Because I believe the two party system has utterly failed.

Because my party of old is no more.

Because now I have no voice in government for me – I can become a voice on my own.

So…. I am going to start demonstrating on Fridays, during Lunch.  Initially in downtown Black Mountain in the new park – it should be legal there, and if it isn’t that too needs to change.

Will you join me?  You don’t have to agree – you don’t even have to be demonstrating the same thing as me, or you can choose a completely opposite point of view if you want than what I will be speaking about.

But let’s not be complacent anymore.