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Redistricting NC for Control

It’s natural and historic that political parties vie for control.  I’ll be the first to say it’s foolish not to use rules and capabilities in place for your own advantage.  And this year, there’s no better place to see that outside of the payoff the Republicans achieved from their clever re-drawing of district maps to win majority representation in the U.S. Congress.  11 of the 13 seats belong to Republicans.  Most of the state’s voters though are Democrats.  And by the results from those who actually voted – the only ones that count – a slight majority voted for Thom Tillis, the Republican candidate.

It is expected that the Republican party used rules set in place to gain an advantage.  Any party could do this.

But what results is to cause our federal government to have an unbalanced representation of the population in Washington.

That is un-American.

And it needs to be fixed.

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